About InoxGFL Group

InoxGFL group is an Indian conglomerate with a legacy of more than 90 years. The group is a forerunner in diversified business segments comprising Fluoropolymers, Specialty Chemicals, Wind Energy, and Renewables.

With a strong workforce and a distribution network spread across the globe, each InoxGFL Group company is characterized by the growth DNA of the Group that can be encapsulated in the following.

Early Identification of a Winning Business AreaBuilding up scale rapidlyMarket leadership in the segment

The Companies in InoxGFL Group

Gujarat Fluorochemicals Limited Erstwhile known as INOX Fluorochemicals Limited, GFL is the largest producer of Fluoropolymers in India with other product areas being Refrigerants, Chemicals and Fluorospeciality.INOX green energy services limited

IGESL is India’s leading wind O&M services player with more than 8 years of operating history.