Manufacturing Facilities

Inox Wind is a fully integrated (blade, tower, nacelle & hub) player in the wind energy market with state-of-the-art manufacturing plants at Rohika (Gujarat) for blades and tubular towers, Una (Himachal Pradesh) for hubs and nacelles and an integrated manufacturing unit at Barwani (Madhya Pradesh) for nacelles, hubs, blades and towers. Inox Wind manufactures the key components to ensure most advanced technology, high quality, reliability and cost competitiveness.

Nacelle and Hub

Inox Wind manufacture nacelles and hubs at plant located in the Una district of Himachal Pradesh. The plant is located on a 17 acre land area. Our nacelles and hubs undergo more than 100 quality checks during different stages of production to identify any potential defects. The plant has both grid and captive power supply with a view to ensure uninterrupted production.

Rotor Blades

One of Inox Wind’s rotor blade manufacturing facilities is located in the state of Gujarat adjacent to a highway to facilitate easier handling of rotors during transportation to project sites and sea ports. This plant is located in a 30 acre land area in Rohika, in Ahmedabad district of Gujarat. We have imported critical machinery and equipment, including blade moulds, resin infusion machines, resin mixers, sawing, drilling and cutting machine and vacuum equipment, with a view to ensuring high quality output. We also have our own test bench facility to test the performance of our rotor blade sets, which we believe makes us one of the very few WTG manufacturers in India with their own test bench facility. The facility has a manufacturing capacity of 800 MW.

Additionally, Inox Wind has also commissioned an 800 MW blade facility at its state of the art integrated manufacturing unit at Barwani district in the state of Madhya Pradesh. The unit has an annual production capacity of 400 rotor blade sets doubling Inox Wind’s production capacity to 1,600 MW. The new manufacturing facility has enhanced production of the Company’s pioneering 100 meter rotor dia product and enabled manufacturing of its game-changing 113 meter rotor dia product. The facility has aided in efficient transportation of equipment to several wind rich sites in the country.

Tower Plant

Our tower plants are housed in the Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh manufacturing facilities. Due to the importance of the rolling process in the production of towers, we use high precision rolling mills imported from Italy. We manufacture towers of 78 meters, 90 meters in height and have also launched 120 meter hybrid tower as well.